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Computer & Allied Services Ltd. specializes in developing professional web sites that get results. We have a package to suit your specific needs and budget - small or big. Please contact us to discuss your needs. If you already have a site that is not achieving your desired results, we can repackage it for instant results.

We also offer domain name registration and website hosting at very moderate charges.

At CASL, web site design/development is a multi-faceted professional endeavour predicated on the following salient points:

Designing a viable web site takes more than just a knowledge of HTML and some graphics. It encompasses a thourough understanding of the business environment, the target audience, as well as marketing, advertising and promotions on the Internet.

At the present stage of the evolution of the Internet and its multimedia spawn -- the World Wide Web, so much content has now become available that one sees a bewildering variety of different designs and layouts. Yet many of these designs are not working, since the desired results are not being achieved.

A professional web designer must take cognisance of the constraints and characteristics - social, cultural, and technological - of the market environment and how these affect the design of a Web page and Web site. It is also critical to establish a cohesive visual identity for your entire site.

A good website conveys compelling and timely information to a potential visitor, in a professional manner that achieves the site-owner's intended objectives. Unfortunately, many sites today are designed to just impress or to show off the graphics skills of the designer(s).

It is also important to incorporate things would be of interest to the potential visitors and that is - compelling content that attracts people to your site not just once, but multiple times. More importantly, focus must be on attracting mostly the desired target audience. One qualified visitor is worth a dozen anonymous browsers.

It is one thing to have a professionally designed and beautifully packaged web site, it is another thing entirely for web surfers and the target audience to be aware of the web site's presence, make visits to the web site and patronize it's goods and services. After web site development and implementation, we embark on a vigorous promotion of the web site to drive qualified traffic to the site on a repeated basis.

The promotion includes registration with strategic search engines, banner exchanges, links with high-traffic sites, placement of banner adverts, classified advertisements, etc. Promotional and customer service packages can also be implemented on the site to encourage repeated visits.

In conclusion, we offer you an affordable professional package of services necessary to design, develop, and maintain your World Wide Web site in such a way that your objectives are effectively realised. Our services include consulting, graphic designs, copy development, real audio/video, internet advertisement, marketing, promotions and lots more. We are proficient in all current graphic design facilities as well as in various progamming environments.

Some of our recent website projects incluse:

We look forward to being of service to you.

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